Seminar 12


12th Storytelling Seminar – ESRC Series

7 – 8 June 2007

Queen Mary, University of London
School of Business and Management
Charterhouse Square, Barbican, London


  • Dr Dorota Dobosz-Bourne, Queen Mary University of London
  • Prof. Mustafa Ozbilgin, University of East Anglia

The series of organizational storytelling seminars is aimed at bringing together scholars who are interested in the nature of stories and storytelling in organizations, and the use of stories in research on different aspects of organizational life, including politics, gender, culture, leadership and emotion. Now in its 7th year, the seminar receives funding from the ESRC. Earlier seminars have taken place in a variety of academic institutions including Imperial College, University of Exeter, University College Cork, City University and the University of East Anglia.
The ethos of the seminar is to stimulate discussion and argument among people who share a fascination and love for stories and storytelling and believe that stories open valuable windows into the world of organizations and their members. To this end, the number of participants is limited to no more than 40 and the cost of participation is kept low.
Details on past seminars can be found at

In this 12 storytelling seminar we wish to invite our participants to a discussion about leadership and globalisation and explore these issues through storytelling. The seminar will cover a wide range of themes and some of them are:

  • Beyond Leadership – Eldership
  • The use of myths in organizational storytelling
  • Knowledge creation through storytelling
  • Storytelling as a means of negotiated diversity management


  • Turan Ayvaz, George Washington University
  • David Collins, Reader in Management, University of Essex
  • Dorota Dobosz-Bourne, Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour, Queen Mary University of London
  • Yiannis Gabriel, Professor of Organizational Theory, Royal Holloway, University of London
  • Charles Hampden-Turner, Senior Research Associate in International and Strategic Management, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge
  • Heather Hopfl, Professor of Management, University of Essex
  • Monika Kostera, Professor in Management and Organization Theory, School of Management and Economics, Vaexjoe University, Sweden
  • Jawad Syed, Kent Business School, University of Kent
  • Cliff Oswick, Professor of Organisation Theory and Discourse, Queen Mary University of London
  • Trevor Waldock, Managing Director, The Executive Coach, London